The Penguin Magic Experience and Expo (MAXX) is your chance to hang out with, and learn cutting edge magic from some of the world's best magicians. And when we say hang out with, we mean it. Hanging out is ON THE SCHEDULE.

Penguin MAXX events are your chance to sit down with the top pros and learn the best-kept secrets in magic that you can’t learn anywhere else. These live events are packed with lectures and workshops from some of the best magicians in the world. Not only do you learn, but you get access.

MAXX is strictly limited to 300 spots, so you can ask the questions that matter during the lecture, get the hands-on learning you need during the workshops, and get the quality time you want with your favorite creators during the jam session.

While you’re at MAXX be sure to stop into the dealer’s room to see some of the newest magic, some of it not even released yet. If all that wasn’t enough the Penguin team is on hand to look for the next hit effect. Some of the best selling tricks of the last few years were discovered at MAXX events.

Penguin MAXX is your ticket to maximum access.

"There was a stellar lineup of talent performing and lecturing. Just the chance to hang out, session and get advice from some of these guys was worth the price of admission alone."

"This was a remarkable event. We spent time jamming, jazzing, magic-making directly with these incredibly talented performers."

"My favorite part was the access to the creators. It’s a great way to get up close with the stars of magic. Defiantly consider going to one if you have the chance."

Thom Parkin

Marc DeSouza

Michael Pilkey