MAXX is your chance to hang out with, and learn cutting edge magic from some of the world's best magicians. And when we say hang out with, we mean it. Hanging out is ON THE SCHEDULE.


Embassy Suites by Hilton Columbus

2700 Corporate Exchange Dr , Columbus, OH 43231

November 15-16, 2019









Strictly limited to 300 attendees!!

Penguin MAXX events are your chance to sit down with the top pros and learn the best-kept secrets in magic that you can’t learn anywhere else. These live events are packed with lectures and workshops from some of the best magicians in the world. Not only do you learn, but you get access.

MAXX is strictly limited to 300 spots, so you can ask the questions that matter during the lecture, get the hands-on learning you need during the workshops, and get the quality time you want with your favorite creators during the jam session.

While you’re at MAXX be sure to stop into the dealer’s room to see some of the newest magic, some of it not even released yet. If all that wasn’t enough the Penguin team is on hand to look for the next hit effect. Some of the best selling tricks of the last few years were discovered at MAXX events.

Penguin MAXX is your ticket to maximum access.


Paul Vigil

Paul Vigil is known as one of the most discriminating magicians / mentalist in the world. He has been practicing the art of magic since the age of 5. Paul has appeared on several hit TV shows including the Emmy award winning Penn & Teller’s “Bullsh!t”

David Kaye, a.k.a. Silly Billy

Silly Billy is not only New York's top children's entertainer, he is also one of the most respected and influential children’s magicians in the world. He also invents, manufactures and sells original magic tricks, which are used by magicians around the world.

Garrett Thomas

Garrett is known for being an innovator as well as one of the top card, coin, and ring manipulators. His original effects, extreme technical skills, and keen understanding of human psychology culminate in highly visual, entertaining, and often enlightening routines.

Dan Harlan

One of the most prolific creators in the world of magic, with incredible hits like Starcle, All-Seeing Eye, Hover-Card Plus, Vortex, and many, many more. Also well-known as the host of Penguin LIVE and the mastermind of the Tarbell: Every Trick in the Book series.

Nick Locapo

One of the hardest working magicians in America. Over the last decade he has he has performed his close-up and stage act for over a million people, and thousands of organizations.

Brent Braun

Consistently regarded as one of the top creators working today and has created some of the top selling magic of the last two decades including Torched & Restored, Position Impossible as well as his five-star rated Decks and Deceptions.

Erik Tait

Erik is an award winning magician who has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, as well as some of the most prestigious stages in magic.

Dee Christopher

Using techniques drawn from over a decade studying mysticism, witchcraft and the techniques of real psychics alongside an expert level of sleight of hand; Dee creates a performance like no other, crafting a mindblowing collage of contemporary magic and mentalism.



This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available.


Magic Expo Dealers Room


A full evening show featuring many of our headliners, and other surprises!!

Magic Show


A lecture featuring the latest and greatest magic on the market, along with some new releases.

Penguin Magic Lecture


Always innovative, Dan Harlan shares his latest creations with you. Brand new ideas, routines, and presentations will get your gears spinning at full speed. Plus, you'll be the first to experience a sneak preview of Harlan's current projects. Cutting-edge concepts from a magical mastermind.

Dan Harlan Lecture



Brent will be sharing powerful, real-world material by blending practical methods with sound theory, presentation, and showmanship. This is your chance to learn not only how Brent’s magic works but why it works.

Brent Braun Lecture


Learn the basics of releasing a trick to the magic community. Shaun Dunn has over a decades worth of experience in the magic industry. In this workshop Shaun crams as much info as possible into a 30 minute lesson on what makes a great product for magicians.

Making a Magic Product Workshop


One of the top card, coin, and ring manipulators in the world.  

Garrett Thomas Show & Lecture


Lunch Break


If you have ever wanted to perform astounding magic where objects seem to move and float on their own, this is your opportunity. You will learn real world levitation techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere. Even if you have never used invisible thread before, this workshop with Nick Locapo will give you the confidence, and teach you everything you need to know.

Levitation Workshop


Improve your card skills, learn new sleights, and become the expert at the card table. This 30 minute workshop with Erik Tait will give you the tools you need to go from zero to card sharp. This must see workshop is for all skill levels. You’ll learn three tricks with a gambling theme, as well as a few pointers to improve your sleight of hand.

Zero to Cardsharp Workshop


This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available.

Magic Expo Dealers Room


You’ll learn how to take a different approach to your mentalism and magic to amplify impact and wonder, as well as the importance of style and branding when selling your character and act for live shows and TV.

Dee Christopher Workshop


Paul is considered one of the most influential thinkers in the world of magic. In his lecture he shares unpublished secrets of the technical construction, presentation, and creativity involved in his performances.

Paul Vigil Show & Lecture


Dinner Break


Silly Billy is played by David Kaye. He is not only New York's top children's entertainer, he is also one of the most respected and influential children’s magicians in the world.

Silly Billy Show & Lecture


Ask your magic questions to any of the headliners in this star-studded panel discussion and Q&A session.

Headliner Panel and Q&A


Ask anyone of the headliners anything you like, this is YOUR time to hangout and ask all the questions you thought of too late, to see the moves you wanted a closer look at from the show or from a lecture, or to swap jokes, moves or just generally gawk and get autographs :)

Penguin Jam Session

Embassy Suites by Hilton Columbus

2700 Corporate Exchange Drive 

Columbus, OH 43231

Overnight rooms $119

Code valid until October 16, 2019

"My favorite part was the access to the creators. It’s a great way to get up close with the stars of magic. Defiantly consider going to one if you have the chance."

Michael Pilkey

"This was a remarkable event. We spent time jamming, jazzing, magic-making directly with these incredibly talented performers."

Thom Parkin

"There was a stellar lineup of talent performing and lecturing. Just the chance to hang out, session and get advice from some of these guys was worth the price of admission alone."

Marc DeSouza


This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available.

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Join us to learn new tricks, attend pro workshops and JAM with top professionals!